From pre-wiring your new construction project or remodel, to troubleshooting existing technology and entertainment systems, Louisa’s can help you. We have over 40 years of combined experience amongst our staff. Your time is valuable. Let us help with your installation, programming, networking or other technology issues, so you can spend your time enjoying your technology and not stressing about it.

If it has to do with technology, we can help you.

Last things first.

You wouldn’t build a house without plumbing. In this day and age, the same thing goes for technology. Your architect or builder should have some advice on this subject, and if they don’t, it’s important for educated homeowners to learn about the many options available. Whatever phase you are in with a construction project, commercial or residential, be sure to set up a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our technology integrators. We can help you to understand the options available to you, and then we can plan to develop the elements that are relevant to your needs.

Low Voltage Contractor Services

Entertainment System Services

●Television Installation

●Audio  Installation

●Wall Mounting for TVs or Speakers

●Video and Audio Calibration

●Remote Control Programming

●Cabinet, Rack Systems and Ventilation

●Troubleshooting and Service Calls

●Residential and Commercial

●Satellite Installation

●Dish and DirecTV Authorized

●MDU Systems(Multi-Dwelling Unit)

●Dish Heater Installation

●Signal Adjustment

●Troubleshooting and Service Calls

●Residential and Commercial

Satellite System Services

Design Wiring Installation


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