Did you remember to turn off all the lights?

Imagine going to bed at night and being able to turn off all the lights in your home with the touch of a single button. Imagine doing the same thing on your way out the door to work. What if you were having a dinner party and you wanted to turn on several lights, at various dimming levels, and you could do that with a single button? Lighting control systems are designed to operate multiple lights at one time based on the event taking place. It’s simplicity and efficiency wrapped into a single switch.

All Off

With lighting control, you can eliminate unslightly banks of light switches and their peeling labels. Instead, a single wall keypad can be programmed to control multiple lights within a that room or throughout the house.

The best lighting control system is a planned one. Which means if you are working on a construction project, our advice is that you and your architect or builder should talk with us during the conceptual and early schematic stages of your project. Louisa’s offers free consultation and controlled lighting design services. We work with your electrician throughout your project to ensure that in the end your lighting system is programmed to meet your design objectives. Advance planning also can eliminate some redundancy in electrical costs.

Having said that, we want to emphasize that our lighting control system is designed to be retro-fitted into existing homes or businesses. Not all lighting control manufacturers can do this, but the technology offered by our partner Powerline Control Systems, is not limited to new construction. Stop by today and LET’S TALK about your lighting control system.

This is where sleek form meets simple function.

We have options for new and existing buildings.

And we do more than just light switches.

Our lighting control system can extend beyond just light switches and the electrical infrastructure. Plug-in modules for appliances and well as for free standing lamps can also be integrated into the control system. Timed event controllers can also be added to create specific timed relays for lighting and power events. Additionally, we can integrate your lighting control into our home automation systems.

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