What can home automation do for you?

Simply put, home automation gives you a remote control for your entire house. While at home, you can control multiple functions of your environment, from lights to music to irrigation systems, using one simple interface. If you’re out of town, you have access to all the mechanical systems in your house or business. Using any Internet enabled device, such as your tablet, smartphone or your laptop, you can view and control what’s happening while your away.

How does it work?

Whether you are building or buying a home, there are few things you need to have no matter what: light switches or thermostats, for example. When integrating a home automation system, the only change to these basic building blocks of a home is that the type of hardware, a thermostat for example, needs to be able to communicate over IP/network connections. In our modern world, all elements of mechanical systems – HVAC, security and surveillance, lighting and electrical, irrigation and audio/visual – have devices available which are designed to communicate in just this way. These Internet enabled devices are then connected and programmed into a Home Automation Controller which functions as the central brain of the system. Then using a variety of control devices, such as an app on your tablet or a universal remote control, you tell the controller what information you need from each device or how you want to affect any changes.

Home Automation Controller

Climate Control

Network Enabled Thermostats

Lighting Control

Pulseworx or Lutron Lighting Control

Security Control

Integrated Alarm Panel

Video Monitoring

IP Surveillance Cameras

Media Control

Internet Enabled Components

Irrigation Control

Hunter Irrigation Control Box

Custom designed for your needs.

There are many ways to approach home automation. Louisa’s has a diverse partnership with the premier Elan Home Systems and also with security and lighting partners Alarm.com and Pulseworx Lighting Control. Working within the framework of these companies, we can custom design a system which employs the features which are most applicable to your situation. LET’S TALK and see what we can design for you!

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