Tired of dropped calls?

There is nothing quite so frustrating as having chronicly poor cell signal. Fortunately, Louisa’s has a solution for you. WilsonPro Signal Boosters can increase the cellular signal in your home or business. While some cellphone boosters only work with one specific carrier, our systems are designed to increase signal for all carriers, including both AT&T and Verizon. Our boosters also increase signal for all available bandwith spectrums, including 3G, 4G and LTE.

FREE Consultation and Site Survey

Our boosters come in a variety of “sizes” and we want to make sure we match your needs to the correct size of amplifier. To do this, we offer a FREE site survey, where our technician will come to your property and take a reading of the current cellular signal being received there. We calculate how many decibels of amplification the signal needs to obtain a healthy number of bars, allowing us to recommend the appropriate product to achieve consistent signal throughout your home.   

Professional Installation

Because these boosters are a transmitting technology, there are some FCC regulations to be considered. Louisa’s has trained and certified technicians available to install your booster and get you back in touch. We are able to retro-wire existing houses. If you foresee a construction project in your future, or if you are looking at buying rural land or property, be sure to talk with us early on so we can look at pre-wiring and planning for cellphone boosters.

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